S J Brown

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This page contains information about S. J. Brown and links to some favorite sites.

S. J. Brown Photography began out of a love of nature, and a desire to share that love with others. Along with lots of encouragement from friends and family.

I incorporate my respect for the environment into my daily life.  I recycle and use recycled products.  When going into the field to take photographs I leave the area as I found it. I encourage others to do the same.  I will not harass wildlife to get a photograph.  To me this makes the pictures that I do get special.  If each of us do just a little to help the environment, together we can make a big differance.

 As a wildlife and nature photographer I travel extensively throughout the Eastern United States in pursuit of wildlife encounters. Much to the dismay of my spotter this often involves trekking through thick brush, muddy trails, rocky seas and secluded locations, but the interaction with wildlife makes it all worth it. My photographs are a way to share this experience with others.  My photographs have been published internationally in books, calendars and greeting cards.