S J Brown

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 A little about S. J. Brown 

S. J. Brown grew up in a middle class suburb in New Jersey and now resides in West Virginia.

Her fondness for writing began in high school.

Her love of wildlife photography began on a whim many years later with an inexpensive 35mm camera, a few rolls of film and a love of nature. She continues to use film, preferring it to the digital alternative.

For over 15 years S. J. Brown has traveled extensively throughout the United States in pursuit of wildlife encounters. 

S. J. Brown's photographs and written words are a way to share her encounters with others. She enjoys spending time with students and adults, discussing photography and wildlife.

S. J. Brown does a number of book signingsand personal appearences each year. Her book “Close Ups & Close Encounters” takes the reader into the field. Her children’s picture books, “ All the birds I see” and “Clancy's Catnap “ have be used in school reading programs. They also have delighted small children for years.

Her Photographs have appeared in a number of books as well as calendars, greeting cards, magazines, and newspapers. 

S. J. Brown is happy to hear your thoughts on her work.  Feel free to e mail her at sjbrown.pictures@gmail.com