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Stock List

Alligators-American alligators, Camons, White Alligators

Assorted Animals–Black Buck Antelope, Camels, Beaver, Bongo, CA Quail, CA Sea Lions, Coati Mundi, Collared Peccary, Crested Screamers, Dolphins, Giraffes, Ground hogs, Jacobs 4 Horn Sheep, Manatees, Mara, muskrats,Nutria, Opossum, Otter, Red Pandas, Road Runners, Turkey, Wallaby, Watusi and Zebra

Backyard Birds

Bears-Black, Brown, Kodiak, Panda, & Specktled Bears.

Big Cats-Bobcats, Cheetahs, Fishing Cat, Linx, Lions& Tigers

Buffalo/ Bison- Assorted Herd and individual pictures

Butterflies & Moths

Chipmunks-Various poses and surroundings

Deer-European Fallow, Sika, White Tailed

Eagles-Bald Eagles and a golden eagle

Elephants-African & Asian

Elk-Close ups of Male, Females, and JuvenilesFoxes-Arctic Red & Gray

Frogs & Toads- Bullfrogs, Cricket Frog, Tree Frog, American Toad.

Geese & Friends-Bar Head, Black Necked, Snow, Canada, Goose and Coots
Giraffes-A few special shots are found in this category

Herons & Egrets-Green, Great Blue, Night, & White Herons, Egrets.

Horseshoe Crabs-Horseshoe Crabs on the beaches of Delaware

Insects & Spiders-Bumble Bees, Broad-Winged Katydid, Cicadas, Dragonflies, Grasshopper, Ladybug, Preying Manaus, Steel-Blue Cricket Hunter,Walking Stick, Black and Yellow Argiope, Brownish Gray Fishing Spider ,Common Orb Weaver Spider, Golden Silk Spider 

Kingfishers-A few selected photographs from various locations

Lemurs-Close up shots of individuals and group
Lighthouses- Assateague, Bass Harbor, Bodie Island, Cape Hatteras, Cleveland Harbor, East Quoddy, Machias Seal Island, Michigan City, Roanoke Marshes, West Quoddy, Whitlock.



Long Legged Birds-Cranes, Storks & Ibis

Lighthouses- Bass Harbor Headlight, West Quoddy Headlight, Whitlock Lighthouse

Moose-Featured here is a mother and calf as well as others

Mallards & More-Bufflehead Ducks, Mallards, Mallard Babies, Ruddy Ducks, White Pecans, and Wood Ducks, are all in this category. 

Osprey-In this file are Ospreys in nests, in the air and on the ground

Ostrich & Emu-Head shots, Close ups and a pair

Owls-Barred Owls, Burrowing Owls, Great Horned Owls and Screech owls.

Parrots & Peacocks-Parrots, Cockatoos, and Peacocks 

Plants & Flowers-Apple Blossoms, Bearded Iris, Black Eyed Susans, Bleeding Heart, Blueflag, Bone Set, Chocolate Mint, Christmas Fern, Cotton, Crocus, Devils Tongue Cactus, Dock, Dutchmans Britches, English Ivy, Fiddle Fern, Foxglove, Gaillardia, Ground Pine, Hardhead, Hosta, Jack in the Pulped, Joe Pye Weed, Lily of the Valley, Lambs ear, Larkspur, May Apples, Milk Weed, Mock Orange, Parsley, Pond Lily, Purple Cone Flower, Royal Fern, Sage, Sedum, Shasta Daisy, Sunflower, Tea Rose, Tiger Lily, Trumpet Vine, Twin Leaf, Violets, Water Lilly, White Aster, Zinnias, Zebra Grass

Ponies-Wild Ponies from Assateague Island

Prairie Dogs-Individuals, pairs, Close ups and posed
Primates-Gibbons, White Cheek Gibbons, and a Rheasus Macque
Puffins-Atlantic Puffins in groups and individuals

Reptiles-Includes Desert Tortoise, Iguanas , Komodo Dragons, & Snakes,
Rabbits-Various angles and ages

Raccoons-This file has only a few pictures but they are good images
Raptors-Andean Condors, Crested Caracara, Hawks, Kestrel, Falcons, Vultures.

Shore Birds-Anhinga, Brown Pelican, Cormorants, Killdeer, Gulls, and Sandpipers

Sky-Sunrises, Clouds, Sunsets, Rainbows

Squirrels- Variety of poses and Close up shots.
Swans-Mute swans, Trumpeter Swans, and Tundra Swans can be found here.

Turtles & Tortoises-Desert Tortoises, Box Turtles, Red Ear Turtle, Snapper Turtles, Yellow Bellied Sliders

Waterfalls-Waterfalls from differant states and differant times of the years.

Wolves-Gray Wolves and Timber Wolves

Since the cameras don't spend much time in the bags, this list is updated regularly.